Ecofarm "Ogumajas"

We aim at providing ecological products that are produced without any chemical additives that are harmful to our health or the environment  

We use high tech solutions for creating a more pleasant and easy experience of taking care of your farm.

Our modules use wireless communication and a range of different sensors that allow you to monitor and remotely control any facility of your choice.

We are aiming to build up a cooperative, where all of its members can freely communicate, trade and build partnerships for further development 

We are a non-profit business focusing on bringing people with the same ideas together. We are willing to accept new members in our team and create a more efficient, openminded and flexible trading platform.


If you are interested in this project, don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Our project is aiming to create an open platform, where anyone can produce, purchase or trade organic goods such as different vegetables, fruits, honey, and even eggs.

Our team is developing a simple system that will allow you to remotely control and monitor your ecological production from anywhere in the world using a simple online app.